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Get to know Cherie Call

Cherie Call was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and has been writing music since her early teens. 2014 marked the release of Cherie’s eighth full length album, “Homeless Songs.” Some highlights of Cherie’s performing life include playing “in the round” at Nashville’s famous Bluebird Cafe, being a finalist in the prestigious Kerrville Newfolk songwriting competition, opening for bluegrass legend Tim O’Brien at the University of Utah, and performing with the beloved hymn revival supergroup, “The Lower Lights”. Cherie’s songs have been included on several albums produced for the LDS Especially for Youth summer programs, and also on the soundtracks to many independent films, including God’s Army, Charly, and the Banff Award winning film, “True Fans”. Cherie currently lives in Utah with her husband and three daughters, and a son.

Creating music is how I make sense of my world. I can’t not make music. It is who I am.
— Cherie Call

How would you describe your creative process?

My earliest memories include our family piano. I have always been drawn to music. I've always tried to create my own. I think I started realizing that not everyone did this when I was a pre-teen.

I am always looking at the world through a songwriter's eyes. If a person says a phrase that has an interesting rhythm, I write it down. If I think of a great story or a creative way to say something, I write it down. I write down fragments of melodies that I hear and like. I use real paper. The ideas live in notebooks until I have time to put all the pieces together, sort of like a creative puzzle. Some ideas wait for years. My most recent album is full of ideas I had over a decade ago. And for some reason, those older ideas stepped forward to have their moment.

I also find a lot of strength in sadness. Even though I am a very happy person, I love sad songs. I kind of drew upon a surplus of heartbreak from many years ago. At that time, I remember sad songs being more comforting to me because they weren't kidding with me. They sounded like how I felt. If my songs can do that for people, I'd be honored. I like the idea of overcoming heartbreak, and starting over and trying again is a theme that comes up a lot in my writing.

Why do you create?

Creating music is how I make sense of my world. I can't not make music. It is who I am.

What is your biggest challenges to creative productivity?

A lot of my songwriting time has to happen when my kids are all playing together or are asleep. Now that I have a newborn again, keeping my eyes open after they're all in bed is tricky! Also, musicians know that the best way to sell records is to get out on the road, but that isn't an option for me right now. I've been surprised at how much beauty has been added to my life by making my home the headquarters of my music career.

Cherie Call on stage

Looking back on your childhood, who are the people who have been the biggest influence on your work?

There are a lot! My mom has always inspired me to be creative. Also, my Young Women's leaders gave me opportunities to use my talents to set goals. My English teachers encouraged me to be poetic, peers in my songwriting classes in school helped me along the way, and probably most of all, my songwriting teacher at BYU, Ron Simpson, challenged me to produce my best work. And now that I'm a mom, my kids also really inspire me to write.

What creative work are you most excited to share right now?

I'm proud of all my work, but I would especially love to showcase my latest release, "Homeless Songs." You can find a link at

I still do local shows, and blogging has become a bigger part of my life.

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