Surging Forward and Inspiring Audiences: Guest Post by Michelle Nielsen, Dancer/Mother

Surge: to move powerfully forward or upward, especially by a natural force.

This is my focus as the Artistic Director of SALT Contemporary Dance, the newest professional dance company in Utah - moving forward and upward with a powerful intent to share beautiful new art with the community.

New art brings new ideas, new flavor to our communities. And throughout the ages, artistic expression has been the flavor or salt in our cultures. Tonight and tomorrow I am presenting 5 premiere works of choreographers who are moving forward, pushing boundaries of what is safe and familiar, discovering and creating the unseen. Beautiful possibilities of the human body and soul emerge in the process of combining the incredible technical capacities of these dancers and the curious creating of these cutting edge choreographers. This the flavor of an evolving global dance community that is defining and redefining what it means to be truly contemporary, vulnerable and innovative. It is what SALT brings to our local community.


A Home for Dancers/Mothers

I created this company in 2013 in an effort to provide dancers a place to experience dance outside of Utah without having to leave the state OR deal with the concerns of morally conflicting costume or choreography that exists in so much of dance world. I had been teaching and directing performers at Brigham Young University for 3 years and worked hard to prepare these dancers for a professional career performing, but I had little hope that thy would find the kind of opportunity they were looking for. Many of them would want to have families, and pregnancy is seen as career ending for many directors and dancers.

So a colleague and I, having taught together at BYU while being pregnant and just delivered babies months before, founded SALT. We brought our babies to rehearsals loved the reality that family life can be compatible with a career in dance.

It has been an inspiring second season of powerful forward movement, we have attracted some of the most talented dancers in the state and most cutting edge choreographers in the industry. We secured our 501(c)3 status and have a brilliant Boar of Directors that are moving mountains financially. Tonight and tomorrow we are presenting a full length concert that will stir the soul of even the most unlikely dance viewer.

I must give credit to the natural force that has been blowing like great wind moving a ship across uncharted waters. It's been a beautiful journey and we invite you to come, taste, feel and join us as we surge forward and upward. - Michelle Henriksen Nielsen

SALT Contemporary Dance presents
May 6th & 7th, 2015 at 7:30pm
Leona Wagner Black Box
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

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