Lyndsi Houskeeper, Singer/Songwriter & Speaker: Melodies of Motherhood


Lyndsi Houskeeper is an inspirational singer/songwriter and speaker. For over a decade, Lyndsi has been sharing her music and religious faith at countless concerts and youth gatherings. She has produced over 12 original cd recordings, including her current cd, "In the Service of God." She and her husband, Darin, are the parents of three beautiful children. Being a mother and sharing music are her greatest joys. 

Why do you create?

I have been given so many beautiful blessings in life, and music is a way for me to express gratitude and give something back! I am a cancer survivor of over twenty years, and life holds such meaning for me. It brings me great joy to sing and write music about the people and principles I hold dear.


Lyndsi wrote "Heaven's Heroes" for her firstborn son. It's about those who may not have the strongest physical bodies while on earth, but who are still heroic.

Please describe your creative process:

Most often, moments of inspiration come from everyday interactions and personal experiences. Often lyrics and melodies will come together as one in my mind and heart, and then it's up to me to give that song a life through recording and producing in my studio. 

 Lyndsi with fellow musician Mindy Gledhill and their kids

 Lyndsi with fellow musician Mindy Gledhill and their kids

Looking back on your childhood, who are the people who've been the biggest influence on your creative work?

Without hesitation, my dear mother is the most important and influential person in the development of my talent and creativity. She supports, encourages, inspires, and loves. She reminds me of my potential and motivates me through her words and beautiful example. I love her so deeply and feel humbled to have such a hero in my life. 

What is your biggest challenge to creative productivity since becoming a mother?

As mothers, we all want to give our best to our families. The times when I feel creative projects may be taking my energy from the needs of my family are the times when it feels challenging. But overall, my children and my experiences as their mother fuel my creativity and give me an outpouring of love and hope to channel into song!

How old were you when you realized that you're an "artist" or a "creative person"?

Very young. Probably about three years old. 

If you could give a new mother advice about honoring her creativity while mothering, what would you tell her?

It wasn't until I held my first child that I was fully able to access the inspiration and creativity in my heart. I knew I had the desire and a gift, but the power of motherhood and the ultimate gift of creation I experienced in becoming a new mother completely opened my heart and mind to my ideas and abilities to express that I had not yet understood. To those who seek to honor their creativity while mothering, use your gifts! Allow the tender feelings of parenting and loving a child to unlock your full potential. Your children will inspire you and, in turn, you can inspire them through your creative expressions of gratitude.

What work are you most proud of?

I am very pleased with a song that I wrote and recorded called "Endlessly." It is about my dear mother, my example, and my angel. I set the music video to pictures of her throughout her life. It is such a blessing to express my tender feelings through song about this remarkable woman!

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