Jen Tolman, Fine Artist: Finding Comfort in Angels

've known I was a creative person since I was 3. Growing up, I had a strong desire to paint; I've always felt it was part of me. I didn't know exactly what type of art I would pursue, but I knew that it would be religious and spiritually-based. In 2005, I attended BYU-Idaho and majored in illustration even though my original intent was fine art. Looking back, I now I understand how important a background in illustrating was to my style and technique. Some of my main artistic inspirations are the works of Sargent, Leyendecker, and Sorolla. Current artists who influence me are Nancy Guzik, Walter Rane, and Pino. Although fine art is a huge part of my life, my greatest joy comes from when I became a mother at age 23; I now have two wiggly, beautiful works of perfect art.

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